Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bali Cargo Company - Front Entrance

This is the front entrance to a little store that lasted for only a few months here at the beach. I was just going to check it out the other day when I realized it had closed shop. I was more than a little disappointed...it seemed like such a cool place. I'll be posting a few photos of the outside in the next couple of days.

Unfortunately, these little boutiques usually don't last very long here at the beach. Most of the time, people set up shop right along the main drag, 3rd street. However, there's little to no foot traffic along 3rd street. Everyone drives. So you really have to have something special -- or incredible marketing -- to make it there. A better location for these kind of stores would be someplace along 1st street in Jax Beach, or in the shopping district of Atlantic Beach. The rent for those locations, though, is (I'm sure) more than a beginning entrepreneur could afford.


Ms. B said...

This little store has moved to Atlantic Beach!!! It's next to Shelby's. The storefront isn't as cute as when it was in Jacksonville Beach though.

Hilda said...

That's so sad. Young entrepreneurs can have such great products. And I love this shop's cheerful facade too.

LA Portraits said...

This store is still open they just moved to Neptune Beach on 1st street!!

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