Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunflower in the Park

There's a great little park in the heart of the beach called Jarboe Park. It's very family friendly... with playgrounds and tire swings and picnic tables and basketball courts. It's a park that everyone seems to know about, and if you happen by on a Saturday you might see all kinds of things going on. There's one thing that I knew very little about until yesterday. Apparently, the beach has begun a community garden. I'd heard about it, but had never seen it. It's really pretty neat, and I'll be posting photos of my recent trip through the tomato plants and flowers and greenhouses. I found this little patch of flowers at the entrance to the garden. I thought it was beautiful, good enough to share.


Lynette said...

Lovely photo. I'm sure we'll enjoy walking through the garden with you.

Jacob said...

Yellow is a calming color. Perhaps that's why I feel so blissful all of a sudden.

Nice shot, Sarah!

Lois said...

What a great idea to have a community garden! The flowers are lovely.

michael bird said...

Like the photo and love the idea! Congrats to those instrumental in getting the garden started.

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