Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach Cruiser Against Fence

In honor of Monochrome Monday, I'm posting this shot.

Beach Cruisers are the most common bike you see around here, and you see them everywhere. First Street, which runs along the ocean, belongs to pedestrians and those on bikes. If you're riding in a car it's sort of an unspoken rule that you defer to those who are not (even if they're in the middle of the street). This particular bike is covered with rust, another fairly common sight here at the beach.


Anonymous said...

It seems to be melting into the shadows, maybe embarrassed by its condition. A good picture.
Welcome to the Mono throng.

Sarah Lashbrook said...


Daryl said...

Nice and welcome .. maybe a little adjustment to the contrast/shadows would make it even better .. just a thought

Sarah Lashbrook said...

Thanks, and keep it coming. Advice is always appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

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