Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shadow of a Palm

This photo, again, was taken in old Atlantic Beach. This is the beach access, and these palms line the brick road up to the sand.

Our rainy days have passed and we've been getting some amazing weather. This is the season when it's not uncommon to see pedestrians and cyclists out in board shorts and bathing suits. It's a very lazy and slow time of year.


JM said...

Very nice catch! Palm trees are not native to Portugal but, gladly, many species have adapted our weather and we really have a lot around here.

Sarah Lashbrook said...

Thanks! Yeah, the palms are everywhere here, too, but the type of palm native to my area -- cabbage palms -- aren't my favorite. Fortunately, the city uses the more tropical variety in landscaping, so it's very pretty!

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